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Dhanbad Rockwool is a product of the most recent innovations in insulation materials technology.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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We live in the present age of ever increasing cost of fuels, which in turn leads to increased cost of production and end productions.
In this context of rapid growth of energy intensive industries in our country and overseas, updating thermal insulation standards, development of superior materials and evolution of speedier manufacturing techniques are the need of the hour.
We, at Dhanbad Rockwool Insulation Pvt. Ltd., have taken up the challenge of producing complete range of insulation products, as per Indian and International Standards.
Dhanbad Rockwool is an organization born out of this very philosophy, using state-of-the-art technology, process and infrastructure, combined with world class professionals and human resources, it stays committed to meet the needs of insulation whether they are in industrial or in commercial applications to provide products and services that raise the benchmark of this competitive global industry.

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Why Enecare

Dhanbad Rockwool offer a combination of properties that no other insulation material can match. The use of Rockwool as a core material offers something to everyone, Architects, Specifiers, Contractors, Insurance Companies, Environmentalists and, of course, the Client in terms of design flexibility, low risk & ... More


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Loose Mineral Wool

Loose Mineral Wool…

Loose Mineral Wool is a high temperature insulating fibers processed from natural Rocks of selected quality. The Loose Mineral Wool having exceptionally long fibers and superior technical properties essential to meet....

Lrb Slabs

RB Slabs

The uniformity of fiber distribution, the diameter of fibers, and the fiber lay pattern and bulk density is some special features of Dhanbad...

Pipe Section Insulation

Pipe Section Insulation…

Dhanbad Rockwool Pipe Insulation is precisely engineered Resin Bonded Fibrous Insulation to offer maximum resistance to heat....

LRB Mattresses

LRB Mattresses…

Rock wool lightly resin bonded mattresses (LRB) consists of fine fibers spun from selected rocks melted at high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. They are Machine laid fiber lay .....

Slag Wool Granules

Mineral Wool Granules…

Formed of insulation wool nodules of sizes between 1mm to 5mm. Granular form is extremely useful in filling gaps, since rigid insulation cannot be used in joints where expansion and contraction are ....

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